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Where in Valtice can you find CHÂTEAU VALTICE wines?

We have launched an English version of our website for you

Dear lovers of wines from Valtice, we have created an English version of our website. […]

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The world’s best dry Sylvaner is from CHÂTEAU VALTICE

Our wines achieved great success at the LE MONDIAL DES VINS BLANC competition in Strasbourg. […]

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Medals for CHÂTEAU VALTICE from Great American IWC

We won 6 beautiful awards at another American competition, the Great American International Wine Competition, […]

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CHÂTEAU VALTICE brings back the Champion Cup from Austria

The wines of CHÂTEAU VALTICE are also tasty in Austria. Another 15 awards, including the […]

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CHÂTEAU VALTICE Wine cellars is one of the most important and oldest wineries in the Czech Republic. It is a family-run company with deep Moravian roots and traditions. For several years the winery has been successfully operating under the leadership of Antonín Št'astný and his two sons, Marek and David. The general manager Marek Šťastný personally supervises the production and quality of the wines. His brother David is the Marketing and Strategy Director and his father Antonín is in charge of the vineyards. The CHÂTEAU VALTICE winery in its present form is above all the largest grape grower in the Czech Republic.