Cross Cellar A.D. 1640

The historic Cross Cellar was built in 1640 by the ruling Liechtenstein family, based on the need for suitable storage space for wine. It was artificially built by sinking it into a hill in the centre of the vineyards of Valtice.

Because the cellar contains the main production area it is a so-called "Heart" of the CHÂTEAU VALTICE winery. It is one of the largest cross cellars in the Czech Republic. It's monumental 136 m long main neck is crossed by a 90 m long arm. The cellar holds over 1 million litres of wine stored in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks.

It's entrance was newly renovated in 2010 and the reconstruction was nominated for the national architecture award in the Grand Prix Architects 2011 competition.

In 2015, additional cellar spaces were successfully connected to the Cross Cellar in the form of a unique wine temple, a Moravian cellar under the Wine Barn.

The year 2022 then brought further expansion through the connection to the brand new wine cellar hall Cathedral of Wines with a lookout view of the town Valtice. This has created a unique sightseeing circuit that represents a combination of history and the present.

The Cross Cellar is open to the public only within this circuit, always at designated times on Fridays and Saturdays and selected wine events organized by our winery.