Cathedral of wines

The Cathedral of Wines with a lookout view is the newest building in the CHÂTEAU VALTICE winery complex.

It serves as a cellar hall in which litres of wine are aged in oak barrels with the volume from 225 to 5000 litres , but it also extends the sightseeing tour by it's connection to the Cross Cellar. From it's lookout tower, it offers a beautiful view of the Reistna Colonnade, nearby vineyards, wine town of Valtice and the majestic Castle.

Just like the Wine Barn complex, it is based on timeless architecture using traditional local materials, i.e. brick, stone and wood.

Following the example of Liechtenstein architecture which uses arcaded arches, the building is supported by 22 columns with 20 arcaded arches and 41 ceiling ribs. That is why we call this cellar the "Cathedral of wine".

For the time being, the premises of the Wine Cathedral are only accessible for private events and selected wine events organised by our winery.