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Cross-shaped cellar A.D. 1640

Cross-shaped cellar was built in 1640 and is now the so called „heart“ of the winery CHÂTEAU VALTICE, because it’s located right in the center of the winery building.

The monumental main corridor of this cellar is 136 meters long and it‘s crossed by a 90 meter long arm. This great Cross-shaped cellar was built, with a capacity in excess of 1 000 000 litres of wine, stored in oak barrels and also stain steel tanks. There is also an archive with 50 000 vintage wines of the winery’s production.

The entrance to the cellar was rebuilt in 2010 and it was nominated for an award in a national architecture competition Grand Prix of Architects 2011.

Visit the Cross-shaped cellar A.D. 1640 in Valtice, located at the street Vinařská 407, in the area of the winery CHÂTEAU VALTICE – Vinné sklepy Valtice, a. s.

More information about possible tours on the e-mail: sekretariat@vsvaltice.cz